Coffee Filters – 5 Uses for More Than Just Making Coffee

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If you drink coffee, you’re likely to have coffee filters in your house. You might be surprised the various ways you can use them besides just making coffee!

  1. Protect Dishes

When my husband and I got married in 2017, we were blessed with Fiestaware dishes. I use coffee filters in between them to keep them from getting scratched up.

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  1. Flower Pots

Use coffee filters on the bottom of flower pots! When I plant anything in a pot, I put a coffee filter on the bottom of the pot to allow proper water drainage, but keeps the dirt in.

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  1. Wrap Ornaments

You can protect your ornaments in storage by wrapping them in coffee filters.

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  1. Cover Dishes

If you need something to cover your food in the microwave, use a coffee filter!

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  1. Cast Iron

Protect your cast iron skillet by placing a coffee filter inside. The coffee filter will absorb moisture and prevent rust.

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As you can see, aside from making coffee, you can use coffee filters for many different things!

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