5 Simple & Easy Snack Ideas for Your Toddler

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Snacks serve an important role for growing kids by providing them the energy throughout the day, as they’re constantly moving. I give Bethany a mid morning snack and a snack after nap time. I wanted to share with you five easy snack time ideas that your toddler will love!

  1. Applesauce and Crackers
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It’s never bad to give your toddler fruit and Bethany loves applesauce. I give her crackers only after she finishes her healthy snack first. In this picture, I show gold fish crackers, but any cracker is great, especially graham crackers, to go along with applesauce. Yum!

  1. Raisins and Crackers
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Dried fruits suchs as raisins, prunes, or dates are another great way for your toddler to get fruit in their snack. Choosing graham crackers to pair with the raisins is also good if they’ve been a little constipated.

  1. Yogurt and Fruit
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Any fresh fruit would be great with yogurt because they’re a great source of vitamins and nutrients. Just make sure the yogurt is Greek yogurt with more protein, less sugar, and packed with probiotics that boost your immune system and are great for digestion.

  1. Toast and Cheese
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Cheese is a way to get calcium in your toddler. Toast is delicious and even better when you spread some peanut butter on it to add some more nutrition!

  1. Banana and Cheerios
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I’m not the biggest fan of cereal for breakfast, but I definitely think it makes a good snack. Cheerios and banana are always great together. Add a cup of milk to the side, and your toddler will be so happy!

If you give your toddler these snacks and find they only eat the cracker or toast, try giving them the healthier snack item first (fruit, yogurt, cheese, etc.) and wait for them to finish that before adding in the cracker or toast.

Other ideas:

  • Eggs-Such a healthy option thats full of iron and protein, and easy to boil so you have them on hand.
  • Cottage Cheese-Toddlers tend to love cottage cheese and it pairs perfectly with all kinds of fruit.

What do you give your toddler for a snack?

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