3 Reasons Why Having a Fall Baby is Awesome

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Any season is a great time to have a baby! I feel so blessed to have had our baby, Bethany, in the fall, and here’s why:

  1. It’s sunny!
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Out for a walk

Bethany was born in September and it can still be pretty hot. Here in Southern Oregon, it has been warm and sunny on Thanksgiving! It’s a perfect time to get outside and go on a walk with your newborn and enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

  1. It rains!
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It’s great when it rains because it gives you an excuse to stay inside all day and watch movies! There’s not much more you want to do with your newborn besides cuddle them all day anyways.

  1. Holidays!
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Meeting cousins on Thanksgiving!

Holidays are some of the greatest times with a newborn because family and friends will enjoy them too on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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