4 Tips for Camping with a 10 Month Old

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During the first year, babies are constantly changing! At 10 months old, babies are generally eating solid food, crawling, sleeping through the night, and putting everything in their mouth. These are all things that you want to take into account before taking your baby camping.

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Here are four tips for camping with a 10 month old:

Tip #1: Plan what baby will eat.

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Food on her face

We chose to bring a lot of canned baby food for Bethany. because it’s simple, easy, and stress free! Everything you want while camping. Some snack ideas are puffs, yogurt bites, cheerios, teething biscuits, cheese, and avocado.

Tip #2: Plan how baby will play.

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Playing in a jumper

Since your baby is probaby crawling, putting them on the ground isn’t the best idea. If they are on the ground, they will crawl away to eat the dirt. We ordered this jumper off Amazon and Bethany loved it! We also brought a few toys and a book.

Tip #3: Don’t stress about sleep.

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Napping in the tent

Bethany naps at the same time everyday, but not while camping. When you’re outdoors all day, it’s bright and they’ll just want to stay awake and play. You can always get back on schedule later so don’t worry too much about when they nap. Bedtime is also different, because there’s new sounds, sights, and faces. Babies are sensitive to the sunset and sunrise, so they’ll most likely go to bed later than normal. We brought our pack n’ play from home and ued it in our 6 person tent for her to sleep in. Lastly, a white noise machine is also helpful to block out new outdoor sounds.

Tip #4: Dress them appropriately.

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Enjoying the evening time before bed

Be sure to bring lots of different attire, because it might be hot during the day, but at night, it gets COLD. A fleece sleeper, socks, and a hat should be perfect on those cold 50° nights.


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Have fun!

Camping with a 10 month old can be lots of fun, just make sure to: plan what baby will eat, plan how baby will play, don’t stress about sleep, and dress them appropriately.

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