5 Tips: How to Make the Best of Your To-Do List

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Having a to-do list is so helpful for productivity because you can visually see your completed and uncompleted tasks. I prefer to keep a notebook at home where I can write down everything that needs to be done. However, I’m definitely not afraid to type it in my phone if I’m out and about so I don’t forget about it later. I wanted to share five tips on how to make the best of your to-do list.

  1. Limit to Tasks Only

A task is an assignment that needs to be done such as “feeding the animals” or “clean out car.” Sometimes it can be easy to write down a goal that you’d like to achieve such as “go for a morning walk everyday” or “finish book of Proverbs this month.” Goals are wonderful to have and you should have a list of goals you’d like to accomplish. However, they don’t belong on your to-do list and should be seperated so you can complete what must be done first.

  1. Assign Due Dates
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Due dates can really help you learn how to prioritze tasks. Of course, not everything needs a due date everytime (such as vacuuming), but it can certainly help. Sometimes assigning a due date on simple tasks like “cleaning out the firdge” or “taking out the trash” weekly can help you form habits. This can help you to not feel as overwhelmed from just looking at a long list. Instead, helps you effectively plan out your day, week, and month.

  1. Make a Goal

I generally have a goal of completing just a task a day. It never hurts to complete more, but it also helps you stay motivated without feeling too overwhelmed. Sometimes I have days where I’m more productive and check off five tasks! It helps me stay positive overall about my day.

  1. Be Purposeful
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Have 10 minutes? Look at your to-do list and see what you can get done right now. You will make the most of your time if you’re purposeful with every minute of your day. I like to carve out time in my day when I need to finish something that takes longer as well. On days where I’m not prepping for dinner in the morning, I replace that time with completing what needs to be done.

  1. Write it Down

Did you think of something that needs to be done? Write it down immedietely because you won’t remember it (even if your think you will.)

I hope these tips help you be more productive throughout your day. If you’d like to know what my daily routine is, check out, my everyday routine with a 15 month old.

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