8 Fun and Free Date Ideas

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Taking time with your spouse is so important for your relationship! Spending that one-on-one time together helps to reconnect, relax, and refocus on your relationship. However, it can be diffucult to find a date idea that doesn’t cost money. That’s why I wanted to share 8 free date ideas with you!

  1. Go to the Bookstore
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Wandering, reading, and spending time together in a bookstore is enjoyable and fun! Sometimes a regular bookstore like Barnes & Noble can be a little more active, allowing for more conversation, and has a great diversity of books to look through. If you’re looking for something a little quieter, the library is a great option too.

  1. Game Night
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What comes to your mind when you think of a game night? Card games, board games, or video games? Get some snacks and drinks that you already have at home and enjoy some competition by playing a few rounds of

There’s so many fun games out there! If you don’t feel up for competition then try a team work based game like Pandemic.

  1. Bike Riding
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It always feels good to get outside and this date will definitely get your heart racing. Our favorite part of bike riding is enjoying the views of lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests. You will love the simplicity of just spending time together on a bike path.

  1. Picnic in the Park
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All you need is some food, a blanket or towel, something to drink, and each other! Make some sandwiches, grab some fruit, granola bars, and make it even sweeter by bringing some chocolate. You could even bring a frisbee or cards to play to add some extra fun.

  1. YouTube & Dinner
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You could easily replace YouTube with Netflix, Hulu, or DisneyPlus. However, if you’re saving money and have no subscriptions, YouTube is free and there’s a large variety of channels you could watch! We’ve made simple dinners so we can eat in the living room and watch our favorite shows together.

  1. Movie Night at Home
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You can have the best time popping some popcorn and cuddling up on the couch with your hunny! This is a great date if you have kids and have to wait for them to go to bed. It’s simple and relaxing.

  1. Walk in the Park
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I could do this everyday with Brandon. We love to hold hands and have a cup of coffee or tea while walking through a park near our home. To avoid buying something while we’re out, we will make our drinks at home and put them in a thermos. You can also walk by a river, beach, or lake if you want different views than you’d see at a park.

  1. Hike
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What better way to bond than to see new things and explore the great outdoors? Hiking is awesome to experience with each other. You’ll strike up conversations on your hike, while enjoying the beautiful mountains, trees, flowers, deer, birds, and streams.

You see, you don’t always have to spend money when you go on a date. I hope this gave you some ideas for a wonderful time with the person you love! What are your favorite free date ideas?

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